Friends of Thunderbird

Supporting healing, wholeness, and culturally attuned care on Vashon Island


The Friends of Thunderbird is a group of Vashon-Maury Island residents organized in support of the Seattle Indian Health Board’s plan to open an inpatient treatment center on Vashon Island. We welcome the center to Vashon because of what it will provide people experiencing addiction – care that is culturally attuned, deeply therapeutic, and premised on kinship, connection, and wholeness. And because we believe the Seattle Indian Health Board will be a good neighbor.

In meetings with SIHB leadership, we learned the treatment center will:

  • Help many people, including islanders, recover from the trauma of addiction. 
  • Provide care that is based on both the latest research on addiction recovery as well as Indigenous culture, tradition, and healing practices.

  • Build a program that recognizes addiction as a “disease of despair” associated with rising loneliness and isolation and that supports healing by helping people discover kinship, connection, and a spirit of wholeness. 

  • Meet other critical needs of those who come to the center, including dental care, medical care, housing support, and employment support.

  • Support those who are parenting or pregnant, an urgent and largely unmet need in the recovery world.

  • Become a beacon of hope and a place of love, wholeness, and right-relationship, building on the legacy of Vashon Community Care.


We welcome this innovative center to our island. We invite you to welcome them, too.

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  • Amy Morrison
    published this page 2024-06-04 21:27:21 -0700