Spinning Yarn with Julie Shannon (Tech-In#1Session#8)

Fiber artist, community weaver, and freelance writer Julie Shannon initiates us to the art of spinning yarn - and tells a few stories along the way. Whether for mental health or cottage industry, you can't lose!  Check out Julie's generous skill sharing, helpful tips and passion for the craft. 

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Tasty Things to Put on Toast (that you can make at home) with Deborah Perpetua (TeachIn0102)

Deborah shares an astounding array of delicious concoctions for toast that are easily and affordably made at home.

Recipes included below!

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On Our Way to Mars! Valise Gallery Exhibit with Artists Bill Jarcho & Sharon Shaver (TeachIn#1Session#7)

Artists Bill Jarcho and Sharon Shaver take us on a fascinating tour of their (and artist George Wright's) current gallery exhibition "On Our Way to Mars."

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What Is True Wealth? Discussion with Quinn (VITE-Teach-In#1-Session#3)

Quinn engages Teah-In participants in an honest conversation on "What is True Wealth?" This brief, heartfelt discussion gets to the core of why community matters and how connection to each other provides the resilience we need to persevere.

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Update on Local Resilience Projects

On July 17th, Backbone hosted a call with community leaders who are working on a variety of innovative projects designed to increase our local resilience, as we move from an extractive economy to a more circular one.  

Update on Local Resilience Projects on Vashon Island (trimmed)

Update on Local Resilience Projects on Vashon Island (trimmed)

Posted by Backbone Vashon on Friday, July 17, 2020

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Racial Justice and Food Security - a Conversation with Farmers Lawrence C Jenkins and Aleta Haskins

Racial Justice and Food Security - a Conversation with Farmers Lawrence C Jenkins and Aleta Haskins

Racial Justice and Food Security - a Conversation with Farmers Lawrence C Jenkins and Aleta Haskins

Posted by Backbone Vashon on Friday, June 26, 2020

Susan McCabe facilitated an inspiring interview and profound discussion with Lawrence Jenkins, his wife Aleta Haskins about their work growing food.  The discussion will surprise and move you.  Don't miss this!

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Saving Seeds

Food is a basic need and healthy local food should be a fundamental right.  At the heart of the food system is the seed.  Our current food system is so broken in most all ways.  We will talk about the effects of racism and colonization on our food system and how those oppressive systems relate to growing a garden and saving your seeds.    


Food is a basic need and healthy local food should be a fundamental right. At the heart of the food system is the seed. Our current food system is so broken in most all ways. We will talk about the effects of racism and colonization on our food system and how those oppressive systems relate to growing a garden and saving your seeds. Save your own seeds, distribute them to your community and beyond, and be part of the movement for Food and Seed sovereignty across the Earth. Saving seed and growing food are fundamental to the new, abundant, regenerative world we want to live in. In a conversation with gardener extraordinaire Martha Enson and farmer Jen Williams, we will cover the very basics of seed saving, starting with the Top Five easiest seeds to save from your garden this year: Lettuce, Peas, Beans, Tomatoes, Herbs (like cilantro and arugua), as well as Flowers. We will discuss open pollinated vs. hybrid varieties, the basic botany of pollination and fertilization, and a bit about seed harvesting and storage. There will be time for Q&A at the end. Many resources and links will be shared, where you can learn more about seed saving, plant breeding, and social justice in our food system. RSVP Below. Please donate to Free Lawrence here.

Posted by Backbone Vashon on Wednesday, July 1, 2020

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Links to Community Resources

Check our new mutual aid project Vashon Island Time Exchange . Sign up to share your time and talents, and receive credit toward getting the help you need.

General information and CoViD-19 alerts visit: VashonBePrepared

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Growing Island Food Resilience

Since the end of March, Backbone Campaign has mobilized over 30 volunteers to safely plant, harvest, weed, construct, and organize at Matsuda Farm, Vashon Island's not for profit farm. They have given over 400 hours to grow de-commodified food!

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Grounded: A Conversation with Winona LaDuke and Bill McKibben on Decarbonization, Localization & Just Transition

Localization of economies, democracy and resilience requires that we be/get "Grounded" -  reconnected to place, planet and each other. In the old "normal" it was difficult to imagine stopping air travel. Today, it is much easier to imagine. The climate, planet and creatures need the new normal to look dramatically different from the old normal. NOW is our moment of opportunity.

The Backbone Campaign Team and allies held a 1 hour conversation with Winona LaDuke and Bill McKibben on this CoViD-19 moment and its relevance for decarbonization, localization, and system transformation. Check it out! Then take action to #ReMakeTheWorld and let's get #Grounded.

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Un panel de expertos de la isla se une al Jefe de Bomberos Charlie Krimmert y líderes voluntarios del Centro de Operaciones de Emergencia de Vashon para responder preguntas sobre COVID-19 y la respuesta de la isla a los despidos, cierres de negocios, disponibilidad de alimentos, pruebas médicas y problemas de transporte.


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Nettles - Nature's Free Backyard Food, Medicine & Tea

On Vashon Island, nettles grow everywhere!

March-April is a PERFECT time to harvest this nutrient-rich native food.

As part of Backbone Campaign's Resilience work, we asked our friends Alix Clarke and Eunice Blundt (aka Martha Enson) to demonstrate how to use this plant, as a potential immune boosting food. With a touch of humor - they demonstrated the different stages of preparation from harvesting without getting stung, how to prepare in soup, make chips, and preserve the goodness in tea and tincture.


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Propaga la palabra, no propagues el virus.

Hay un grupo talentoso de personas en Vashon que colaboran en carteles, videos y más. Somos muy afortunados

Echa un vistazo al primer "PSA" VashonResilience.org CoViD-19.

Gracias al equipo:
Edición de video James Culbertson
Producción de video, Kathryn True, Jim Farrell y Bill Jarcho
Escritores, Jeff Hoyt (voz en inglés), Mariela Franco (voz en español),
Bill Jarcho Director / productor

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Spread the Word - Not the Virus

There's a talented group of folks on Vashon collaborating on posters, videos and more. We are so fortunate.

Check out all that as well as this, our first VashonResilience.org CoViD-19 PSA.

Thanks to the Video PSA team:
Video editing James Culbertson
Video production, Kathryn True, Jim Farrell, and Bill Jarcho
Writers, Jeff Hoyt (English voice), Mariela Franco (Spanish voice),
Bill Jarcho Director/producer

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Time Banks - a Tool to Remake our World - a Conversation with Time Bank Leaders across the US

Backbone Campaign is reviving a local community time bank in our Vashon Island community. 


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Local Living Economies for Community Resilience - a Conversation with Judy Wicks.

Judy Wicks is an award-winning entrepreneur, author, speaker and mentor working to build a more compassionate, environmentally sustainable, and locally-based economy.

A recent interview with Judy on resilient regional economies during these time of pandemic is HERE.

Founder of Philadelphia’s landmark White Dog Cafe, Ms. Wicks is author of Good Morning Beautiful Business and her current projects include: All Together Now PA  Circle of Aunts and Uncles and Proud Pennsylvania.


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Community Resilience Posters

To access high resolution versions of these posters for downloading and printing, visit our Flickr site.

PDFS of each are available at these links:


Health Rules/Reglas de Salud

Grow Food

Wash Yo Hands!

Stay Safe

6 Feet Apart

Bea Thanks You/Bea te Agradece

Paloma and Ellis

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Vashon Food for All Volunteer Survey

If you are interested in helping to increase food production on Vashon, please fill out our volunteer (and assets inventory) survey below. To sign up for volunteer shifts at Matsuda Farm, click HERE.

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Food for All Vashon Zoom Discussion

In light of public health, community safety, and increasing restrictions on convenings and 
movement, folks could be feeling more isolated, and our connections to each other and the land seem even more important. 
Who knows what the economy will do, but wouldn't it be great if we could help make sure there is food for everyone on our Island? 
Vashon Island farmers recently joined for a discussion hosted by Backbone Campaign 

Join the conversation - this moment needs your creativity, skills and ideas.

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Neighbor Power in a Time of Pandemic

Jim Diers, of Neighbor Power on community resilience, neighbor power and localization.

Recorded Friday, March 13th, 2020

Jim spoke about social connection needed, especially during times of this public health crisis. (See his blog post on Community Resilience in light of the COVID-19 virus.)


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