Update on Local Resilience Projects

On July 17th, Backbone hosted a call with community leaders who are working on a variety of innovative projects designed to increase our local resilience, as we move from an extractive economy to a more circular one.  

Update on Local Resilience Projects on Vashon Island (trimmed)

Update on Local Resilience Projects on Vashon Island (trimmed)

Posted by Backbone Vashon on Friday, July 17, 2020

Shane Jewell presented the Vashon Town Car Free Zone and plans for making Vashon more bike-friendly.

Steve Bergman and Will Lockwood of Zero Waste Vashon talked about composting and recycling programs, including the First Sunday of the Month Styrocycle Recycling Event, at Sheffield Bldg. They received a community grant to build Recycling-Compost-Landfill bins in town and are looking for volunteers to help build this useful asset. They also referenced the Fertilizer Program being run by Impact BioEnergy and the Tool Library that is providing Contact-Less tool pick up on Wednesdays and Saturdays. 

Jim Diers and David Vogel presented on the Vashon Community Council.  To sign up to attend their monthly virtual meetings, click HERE.

Backbone presented its new Time Exchange, which is now open for Islanders to sign up and start exchanging hours! Bill discussed the idea of an "Each One Teach One" Value Chain as part of the Time Exchange.

Susan McCabe and Rondi Lightmark talked about the Whole Vashon Project and Catalog and next steps for helping the Island become more climate-friendly.

Although the official call had ended, Bill shared a TED Talk by Jason Roberts, of Better Block, in Dallas, as Roberts' approach to creating change is refreshing. To view the inspirational and fast-paced TED Talk, click HERE.