Time Exchange

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Backbone Campaign has explored the creation of a community Time Bank, as a way to build community connections and local resilience, as we work to remake our world.

We invite all Vashon Islanders and Vashon-based organizations to join the Vashon Island Time Exchange.


To Sign Up:

1. Read the Vashon Island Time Exchange Handbook. (Click the link in blue to view and/or download.)

  • If anything isn’t clear, either make a note of it for your Orientation session, or if it’s urgent, email time@vashonresilience.org.
  • If you don’t have a computer or an internet connection, call 206.408.8058; leave a message requesting a paper copy of the Handbook and a Joining Application.

2. Complete an Application

a. Online Members (folks with access to the internet and a computer) can fill out an Application online HERE.

You will need to complete the Liability Form HERE; email your signed waiver to time@vashonresilience.org.

b. Offline Members (those who don’t have access to a computer/internet, or prefer to engage via phone) should call 206.408.8058. Leave a voicemail with your mailing address and phone number to request a paper copy of the Application and Handbook.

c. On- or Off-line Members can download an Application HERE; email to: time@vashonresilience.org or mail to: Backbone Campaign, PO Box 278, Vashon WA 98070

d. Organizational Members, please fill out the Organizational Application; or email time@vashonresilience.org to connect with a Coordinator.

3.  Set up your personal Time Exchange page/account at Vashon.Timebanks.org

(If you are an offline member, someone will work with you to set this up.)

4. Attend an Orientation

Orientations happen via Zoom or on the phone; we’ll go over how to Request Services and Make Offers, policies, and questions you have. Orientations generally last 30 to 60 minutes. (Once your application is processed, we'll contact you to set up an Orientation.)

5. Go forth and start exchanging hours!


For additional info on Time Banking, please check out the Conversation we did with Time Bank Leaders across the country, including Edgar Cahn, the "Father of Time Banking" and take a look at the TimeBanks USA website.