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  • Saturday, April 17, 2021 at 09:30 AM

    Community Teach-In: Art and Creativity

    The Vashon Island Time Exchange holds teach-ins approximately 6-9 times a year.  The events (so far all virtual) are an opportunity to get to know others in our community and to share knowledge and skills.  The April Teach-In will also be a celebration of our Island's creativity and the many artists who live here!

    Saturday, April 17th, 9:30am - 11am


    9:30 Hannah Hirsekorn:  Practicing Iron 

    10:00 Corinne Lightweaver: The Healing Power of Art

    10:30 Caroline Rockey: The Art of Seeing - Draw an animal and paint an animal that has meaning to you

    Event Facilitator: Deborah Perpetua

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    More Info about the Presentations:

    Practicing Iron, with Hannah Hirsekorn 

    Human history is built and rusted through iron’s use and misuse. But iron is an elemental building block of this planet, at the center and throughout the Earth. From ochre foraging to iron casting, Hannah Hirsekorn will discuss her metal arts practice and the interwoven organic and inorganic deep time narratives of iron. 

    The Healing Power of Art, with Corinne Lightweaver

    The role of art making in healing is increasingly capturing the medical profession’s imagination and the general public’s interest. What are the possibilities for using the art making process to heal the body and the mind and to communicate the inner experience? Corinne Lightweaver will discuss the role of art making in her healing from breast cancer and mental illness. 

    The Art of Seeing, with Caroline Rockey

    In this mini workshop, students will learn the art of inquiry to explore drawing and painting a meaningful animal. Students can participate, watch, or experiment with their own ideas. We'll use art as a way to bring us closer to beauty, dropping into the present moment. Caroline's creative camps and art are at Paperwings.

    We are excited to meet and learn from these three Island artists. Please join us for an inspired morning! RSVP BELOW.

  • Saturday, May 15, 2021 at 10:00 AM

    Spring Fix-It Cafe

    Got broken items that you'd love to get working and usable again?

    Work with a volunteer Fixer to get them restored!

    Saturday, May 15th

    10am - 2pm

    Watch the fixing happen on Zoom by RSVP'ing below.

    If you have an item you'd like fixed, please fill out: Form for Items that Need Fixing.

    The purpose of this event is two fold - to keep items out of the landfill and to increase folks' knowledge of how to repair and restore their belongings. 

    Once we understand the nature of the fix for your particular item, we will let you know whether the fix will be DIY over zoom or whether you should drop off your item in advance so that a fixer can work on it while you watch on zoom. 

    If you're interested in joining the Team of Fixers that day, sign up here: FIXER SIGN UP FORM

    Hosted by Backbone Campaign's Vashon Resilience Project, the Vashon Island Time ExchangeVashon Tool Library, Zero Waste Vashon, and the Vashon Eagles, with support from King County ECOConsumer.

    Sign up and help grow the Repair/Circular Economy in our Island community!