Extreme Geology - with Steve Bergman

Islander Steve Bergman is an incredible teacher and passionate about all things geologic.  Watch this 30 minute overview of Extreme and Exceptional Geological events in Earth’s dynamic evolution that wreaked havoc on the Pacific Northwest environment. 

His presentation includes events caused by deep internal processes (eruption of Large Igneous Provinces and formation of the huge Calderas), surface processes (Ice age megafloods), and extraterrestrial processes (Meteor Impacts).

Steve taught this segment on Extreme Geology at our 3rd Community Teach-In, November 21st. Check out videos of all the workshops at VashonResilience.org - including Thai Self Care and Massage, Grief and Creativity, Enhancing your own Creativity, an Orientation to the Vashon Island Tool Library, and how to use a Multimeter!

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