Using Fire to Grow Food

Ken Miller, Vashon's Biochar Czar, goes over the basics of biochar - how to make it, how it's used in the garden, how indigenous people have used biochar for millenia. Watch and learn how adding charcoal can increase your garden yields!

Ken also shared resources for learning more about biochar:

Biochar Videos 


1491, by Charles Mann

The Biochar Solution, by Albert Bates

Many thanks, Ken Miller, for sharing your knowledge about this important garden amendment!

This presentation was part of the Community Teach-In, Feb 20, 2021. These monthly Teach-Ins are a project of the Vashon Island Time Exchange, a community time bank on Vashon Island, WA.  This free events demonstrate that our community has the skills, experience, and knowledge needed for resilience and for thriving.

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