Garden Medicinals

Rachel Sursley, of Deer Fern Herbals, showed some of the ways she uses flowers, roots, and other plant parts as natural healing aides.

About Rachel:

I am a 15 year resident of Vashon, moving here with the intention of raising my children close to nature and within community. I am a mother, nature connection mentor for the Vashon Wilderness Program, folk herbalist, medicine maker and traditional sheepskin tanner. I love the ways in which plants and humans have been intertwined since the beginning of time and how we are much alike, each carrying within us a variety of gifts to share.

Thank you, Rachel and Deer Fern Herbals, for sharing your knowledge and expertise!

This presentation was part of our Community Teach-In on Feb 20th, a project of the Vashon Island Time Exchange, our community time bank.

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