What will you learn at the November Community Teach-In?

RSVP below and plan to attend our November Teach-In, a monthly event hosted by the new Vashon Island Time Exchange.

Saturday, November 21st, 9am-12:30pm

Come for a bit or stay all morning, as we celebrate the joys of life long learning together and the talents and skills of our Island community. Open to all; no charge.


9-9:30              Introduction to the Vashon Island Time Exchange with Amy Morrison

Tune in as we kick off the Teach-In with an overview of the new Island time bank - how it can work for you.  

9:30-10            Extreme Geology with Steve Bergman

This talk highlights several exceptional events in Earth’s dynamic evolution that wreaked havoc on the Pacific Northwest environment, including some caused by deep internal processes (eruption of Large Igneous Provinces and formation of the huge Calderas), surface processes (Ice age megafloods), and extraterrestrial processes (Meteor Impacts).

10-10:30          Basic Multimeter Use with Justin Brandimarte

A member of the Repair Cafe/local Fixer Team will go over using a multimeter, what the basic functions and symbols are, and show how to use one to test a car battery, for example.

10:30-11         Thai Self Care: Joint Mobilization and Face Massage with Terah Bruce

Learn some basic forms of self care as prescribed by Thai Medicine. Joint mobilization and face massage focused on moving the winds of the body. A nourishing way to start your day!

11-11:30          Enhancing Your Creativity with Julie Shannon

Take a tour through elements of Creativity and begin to understand your own path for moving forward, to actively enhance your own creativity through conscious and intuitive methods. Julie will give tips on how to push past perceived limits on creativity. Yes you can!

11:30-12          Introduction to the Tool Library with Michelle Lassaline

The Tool Library is an amazing Island resource.  Volunteer Michelle Lassaline will go over its history, how it operates, membership, and vision for the future. Virtually explore this Island treasure and how it can benefit you.

12-12:30          Tend your grieving heART through Creativity with Kara Jones

Have you ever heard the term "creative grief"? Or wondered why the experience of grief is so different from the "rules" of grief we are steeped in via family, pop culture, socio-cultural expectations like "closure," "stages," or "3 days bereavement leave"? 

In this session we'll offer an introductory overview of expanding the definitions of both Grief and Creativity. And then we'll do a first pass experiential using a tool created at The Creative Grief Studio called "The Ripples Of Loss." We'll walk through the experience together and you will be provided with various creative ideas for taking your Ripples into more exploration if you like. 


Check out videos from previous Teach-Ins HERE.

If you haven't yet joined the Time Exchange, sign up HERE.


November 21, 2020 at 9:00am - 12:30pm
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