Each One Teach One - a Community Teach-In

On September 19th, the Vashon Island Time Exchange launches with a Community Teach-In, between 9 and 3 on Zoom. RSVP below to get more info and a link to the Zoom Channel.

Join our Community Teach-In to hear short presentations of what your neighbors are excited about, what they know and would like to share with our community.

When you RSVP you will be sent the Zoom link - log on anytime!

SCHEDULE (additional offerings may be added):

9am - Vashon History Q&A, with Bruce Haulman

10am - Tasty Things to put on Toast, with Deborah Perpetua

10:45am - What is true wealth, a conversation with Quinn D'Artell

11am - The Deficit Myth and a Rebirth of a People's Economy, with Vandana Whitney (this one is on a different zoom link. Contact Amy, [email protected] for more info.)

12 Noon - Fast, Fun Furniture DIY Fixes, with Fixer Kim Nelson

1pm - Drumming and Rhythms, with Bill Moyer

1:30pm - A Virtual Tour of the Valise Show "On our Way to Mars", with Bill Jarcho

2pm - Spinning Yarn, with Julie Shannon

3pm - WRAP UP

Can we add you to this growing schedule? Is there something you can show others?

(With Zoom, we can manage simultaneous presentations by using the breakout room tool. Your Time Exchange Coordinators will handle the tech for you!)

RSVP Below.

Contact [email protected]g with questions or to get on the schedule.

We regret that this event is happening during Rosh Hashanah, and we apologize to our Jewish community members for this oversight. Going forth, we will check faith calendars and holidays so we can be more inclusive to all in our community.

We anticipate that Community Teach-Ins will happen on a regular basis, and we will take your input to shape the next ones. Eventually, we might build a roster of educators/mentors that are available to teachers.

We are reweaving our community and learning as we go.  Thanks for being with us on this journey.


September 19, 2020 at 9:00am - 3pm
Amy Morrison ·

Will you come?

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  • Karen Rogers
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  • Rhoda Karusaitis
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